Razz Burger

It’s time to be funky! Branding a gourmet burger shop

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Razz believes in the art of crafting your own gourmet burger experience. Their unique concept combines carefully curated ready-made burgers by a renowned chef with the exciting challenge of creating your own masterpiece. We wanted the branding for Razz to embody this spirit of creativity and craftsmanship while maintaining a playful and approachable vibe.

To capture the essence of the brand, we developed a custom logotype that strikes the perfect balance between boldness and handwritten charm. The chunky letterforms and flowing strokes reflect the brand’s commitment to standing out and embracing individuality. The choice of kelly green as the primary color further enhances the brand’s gourmet approach, adding a fresh and contemporary touch to the overall visual identity.

Our comprehensive branding service for Razz encompassed various aspects, including naming, visual identity design, communication design, and branding strategy. We carefully crafted every element to ensure a cohesive and memorable brand experience for Razz and its customers.

At Razz, it’s all about celebrating the joy of creating and savoring a truly extraordinary burger. We’re proud to have been part of their journey in bringing their unique brand vision to life.