ragyu kasap+

The reinvention of Butchery – Contemporary Butcher Shop
"Their vast amount of knowledge, design ideas, and forward-thinking nature stood out. Extremely communicative and not afraid to speak up about their ideas. vve.design was accommodating in every possible way. Every project was treated as if it was one of their own."
The client approached us with an idea of new-generation butcher and requested our guidance to achieve their dream. We provided a full branding design and strategy service from A to Z, from naming to logo design, strategy to branding guideline, pattern to packagings, labels to stickers, branded illustrations to animations, uniforms to product tags. As a result, we created a contemporary and new-gen butcher brand located in Turkey. We can proudly say that it’s first of its kind in the world!

Ragyu kasap+ (kasap means butcher in Turkish) stores provide a kitchen-like experience to its customer. Their experienced and well-trained team guides the customer with full pre-cooking expertise by offering recipes and ready-to-cook kits. It creates a unique feeling on the customer that they enter a kitchen of a gourmet restaurant rather than an ordinary butcher.

The word Ragyu is coined from the Italian “Ragu” and the Japanese “Wagyu” words.
The idea was creating an eye-catchy packaging and label concept with a contemporary look and feel. A concept that it should get the attention of the people immediately, wherever they see it. By doing so, we want to use all the single elements of packaging and labels as a strong marketing tools to make the brand recognized on the shelves and minds.

We design multi functional label system, bags, matches as business card, and branded sticker sets. Plus, we designed a minimal and modern diamond pattern to use as a wrapping paper.
“ The idea of using an animal ear tag shape as the brand’s main symbol was the boldest and the most iconic move, I have ever seen. ”
Ragyu icon; animal ear tag
Before we began creating the Ragyu brand, we looked at the butchery experience with fresh eyes from the inside out – analyzing everything from the habits and needs of a new generation. This allowed us to approach the industry in a way that none has done it before. However, while revolutionizing the butchery, we wanted to keep strong imagery more than a logo but an icon to remind the traditional way, and most importantly used by none. In the end, all these thoughts and research pointed in one direction; the ear tag.
Gourmet Experience
Ragyu’s ultimate goal is to make it easier and inspire customers to cook at home because Ragyu believes that the kitchen should not be an intimidating place. That’s why Ragyu product range is not limited with meats. Thanks to chef-like team behind the counter, Ragyu offers well-selected product ranges such as olive oil, sauces, home-made spaghetti, spices, ready-to-eat packs and so on.