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The Reinvention of Butchery – The Contemporary Butcher Shop

Awards & Recognitions (3)

Our client, a new-generation butcher shop, approached us with a dream and a request for guidance to bring it to life. We provided a full branding and strategy service from naming to logo design and branding guidelines to product packaging. Our goal was to create an eye-catching and contemporary packaging and label concept that would make the brand instantly recognizable on shelves and in the minds of potential customers.

We took a fresh approach to the butchery experience by analyzing the habits and needs of a new generation. This allowed us to approach the industry in a unique way that none had done before. While revolutionizing butchery, we also wanted to maintain strong imagery that paid homage to traditional methods. The result was a new-gen butcher brand located in Turkey, the first of its kind in the world.

Our branding work for this project has won multiple awards and recognitions and has been featured by leading design blogs in the industry. We are proud to have helped bring this exciting new concept to life and continue to push the boundaries of branding and design.
“ The idea of using an animal ear tag shape as the brand’s main symbol was the boldest and the most iconic move, I have ever seen. ”
When creating the branding for the new-generation butcher shop, we knew we wanted to find a way to balance modernity with tradition. We wanted a symbol that would immediately grab attention and communicate the idea of high-quality meat, but we also wanted something that would resonate with customers on a deeper level. That’s when we came up with the idea of using the ear tag shape as the brand’s main symbol. The ear tag is a traditional method of identification for livestock, and by using this shape as our main symbol, we were able to pay homage to the traditional butchery while also communicating the idea of high-quality meat. The ear tag symbol also lends itself perfectly to the idea of a new-generation butcher shop, where the focus is on high-quality, locally sourced meat. It’s a bold and creative choice that has proved to be highly effective in communicating the values and identity of the Ragyu brand.