Melted Element

Expanding a premium candle brand into a broader market
"Their vast amount of knowledge, design ideas, and forward-thinking nature stood out. Extremely communicative and not afraid to speak up about their ideas. was accommodating in every possible way. Every project was treated as if it was one of their own."
They asked us to help them move into a broader market category by refreshing their brand identity. We conducted in-depth research to help us find a strategy without confusing existing customers with bold new branding.

With the clean black & white color palette and minimalist logo twist inspired by the periodic table, we transformed Melted Element’s new bold branding around the brand’s founding story. By emphasizing the sensation of the cities where each scent is named as different cities, we build an attractive narrative around each scent.
We keep the primary focus on the city names, where each scent inspired and described the sensation of the scents with poetic storytelling. Then we divide the story into different stages by using each side of the packaging to create the desire of holding the packaging to increase selling rates. Our aim is to make the packaging stand out on the shelves all around the store, simultaneously enabling Melted Element to increase their brand visibility.

We designed a multi-purpose graphic layout system that can be used as the packaging, tin can label, and glass jar label. Plus, we manufactured all the packagings with our partners and followed all the processes from beginning to delivery to our client door.
From 2017 to the present, they trust us to achieve their goals.
In 2017, two years after its founding, we were only tasked with creating new packaging by keeping their existing branding. As a result, Melted Element attracted new buyers’ interest and nationwide distributions, such as Macy’s. Moreover, with the refreshment of their new packaging designs, Melted Element made a big jump just in a year by multiplying their sales compared with the previous years.

Over three years of successful collaboration, in 2021, we agreed with Melted Element to have a complete strategic brand refreshment that includes new packaging designs to respond to market needs and increase the market share.
"Due to the success of the first packaging design being created by, we were able to secure a major retailer and acclaim from customers instantaneously. Which led us to return and have them design our next packaging idea and brand refreshment..."