Maro Diamonds

We are inspired by the diamond ring’s prong section to highlight their top-quality diamonds and handcrafted jewelry.
"For the last few years, our studio has been dreaming about a new way to present our album books for couples and families. Today we are so pleased to team to come up with this innovative solution. The team challenged them to take our "Bespoke Book" product further and make the packaging more engaging and functional."
Maro is a jewelry brand that well-known for its top-quality diamonds. We worked with the founder to define their values and articulate their vision with their excellent handcraftsmanship. The result is an identity that engages their customer with their brand culture and dedication to delivering the best unforgettable memory for them.
We designed the logotype with a custom typeface to reflect their excellent handcraftsmanship. For the logomark, we are inspired by the ring’s prong section to highlight their top-quality diamonds —supported with a color palette of parliament blue and pure white to complete a clean, upscale, and elegant identity.