We had a modern and bold approach by using the six corner hexagon as the main element of his album to represent 6 songs of the artist.
"They clearly understand what I wanted from the start. I was easily able to find what I wanted and the project was easier than I anticipated thanks to their direction. The album was able to generate a significant number of views on YouTube and listenings on Spotify, thanks to them. You can trust them. Let them do the work from scratch. You will be satisfied."
Bertan Karaimer recorded a new cover album, “EskiYeni”. The meaning of the album is “Old New” in Turkish. The reason this name was chosen is that it was a cover album that reproduced the 6 old songs of him. Which also affects the design decision of using the six corners of the hexagon shape and combines two different font styles and combined them in one.
By using the old serif font “Bodoni” for “eski” and combining it with modern sans-serif “Helvetica” for “yeni”, the purpose was to reproduce the same feeling as the album. Furthermore, the six corners of the hexagon shape, which is the main bold element, represent the total number of songs in the album.