Online Cannabis Platform Branding

The illustration of the cannabis sativa leaf is inspired by an asterisk(*), which refers to findwxxd’s network.
The “findwxxd” is a digital platform where people search, discover, and share marijuana businesses in the USA. We designed their logo by transforming Helvetica to their logotype with minor customizations and using illustrated cannabis sativa leaf as their logomark. The positioning of their logomark is inspired by an asterisk(*), which refers to findwxxd’s network.

An asterisk (*) is a typographical symbol that resembles the shape of a star. Depictions of the asterisk vary according to font and usage. Still, the most common variants contain five points (san-serif), six points (serif), and eight points (hand-written). Its most common use is to call out a footnote.
Art Direction & Design
Çağıl Aygen
Our verified reviews from Bertan Karaimer, the Turkish singer.
What services did provide ?

They designed the album covers for Spotify and other online and online platforms. They also created booklets. I explained what I needed, but I didn’t provide sketches. They came back with 16 alternatives to choose from. We narrowed it down to three of them. We walked through them together to decide which one would have the greatest impact.

What was the impact of engagement? was very helpful. I was easily able to find what I wanted and the project was easier than I anticipated thanks to their direction. We even ended up using their designs for Instagram Ads. The album was able to generate a significant number of views on YouTube as well.
What did you find most impressive about ?
They clearly understood what I wanted from the start. I didn’t provide them with sketches, but I explained the story and ideas. Those ideas were reflected in the visuals they produced.
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