Beyond KAWS: The Art Toys

Our art animation and digital art scene design related to art toys
Let’s take a moment to clarify exactly what Art Toys are. These objects, also known as designer toys, attract more and more collectors every day, particularly among the millennial generation. They are collectibles in the shape of toys, which resemble cartoon figures, animals, and characters from popular culture. They are generally produced by artists, designers, and illustrators and are made from plastic, vinyl, plush, wood, resin, and various metals.

We worked closely with Milan based, Turkish interior designer, Ozan Tekin to create this digital art for our article about “Beyond KAWS: The Art Toys”.
Art Direction: Çağıl Aygen
Digital Artist: Ozan Tekin
Our verified reviews from Jonathan Wossene, the founder of Melted Element.
What services did provide ?
Full prototyping and engineering for maximum efficiency including complete design. After being approached by a major retailer we were asked to design a three pack of our candles. came in and designed an amazing product to spec, including full computer-aided design (CAD) engineering, manufacturing support, and custom design.
What are the successful outcomes from the project ?
Due to the success of the first packaging box being created by, we were able to secure a major retailer and acclaim from customers instantaneously. Which led us to return and have them design our next packaging idea. That also garnered so much attention that other companies were asking us who we used.
What did you find most impressive about ?
Their vast amount of knowledge, design ideas, and forward-thinking nature stood out. Extremely communicative and not afraid to speak up about their ideas. was accommodating in every possible way. Every project was treated as if it was one of their own.
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