Beyond KAWS: The Art Toys

We designed a virtual fictional environment to represent the thoughts of a contemporary artist.
"For the last few years, our studio has been dreaming about a new way to present our album books for couples and families. Today we are so pleased to team to come up with this innovative solution. The team challenged them to take our "Bespoke Book" product further and make the packaging more engaging and functional."
Let’s take a moment to clarify exactly what Art Toys are. These objects, also known as designer toys, attract more and more collectors every day, particularly among the millennial generation. They are collectibles in the shape of toys, which resemble cartoon figures, animals, and characters from popular culture. They are generally produced by artists, designers, and illustrators and are made from plastic, vinyl, plush, wood, resin, and various metals.
We worked closely with Milan based, Turkish interior designer, Ozan Tekin to create this digital art for our article about “Beyond KAWS: The Art Toys”. Our aim is to reflect the deep thoughts of a contemporary artist where her/his thoughts are stuck in an infinite loop.