Citrus Peel Inspired Balsamic Vinegar Bottle Label

Our design thinking has a human-centered core, which is the process of creative problem-solving. Take a closer look to understand our approach for this balsamic vinegar bottle’s label design.
One of the most critical aspects of our client’s brief was not showing any related illustration or images of the citrus on the label, but at the same time, they intended to give this feeling. Creating a premium-feeling with minimal look-and-feel was one of the most challenging parts of the design process for the team.

Our label design for the Australian brand, Kangaburra, captures the premium quality with its creative and distinguished wrapped ribbon idea inspired by the key ingredient,“golden citrus”. Therefore, as a reference to citrus, the label is designed as a citrus peel shape. Every aspect of the label highlights the uniqueness of its key ingredient to stand out on the shelves. Ribbon inspired wrapped label around the bottle instantly makes it stand out on the shelves.
Art Direction & Design: Çağıl Aygen
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